Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good Morning and welcome to a beautiful Sunday morning here in Adelaide - it is crisp and cool but the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

I had a much better night and slept for longer periods of time which is great, but of course means that I am up early.   I need to be up and on the go early - am collecting my Christmas Tree EBay buy this morning, so will be leaving shortly.  I cleared the boot of my car out late yesterday and it is amazing the things I found.  Things I had put in there for safe keeping and they were so safe I had forgotten about them.

I may pull a few weeds this afternoon - see how I feel.  I am growing plants in pots because they are easier to maintain and weed.  I can weed a huge pot, but a garden bed with the weeds running rampant overwhelms me.

My plants are mainly herbs and things to eat.  I grow spinach, basil, chives, mint and am looking forward to planting cherry tomatoes - I do grow flowers in tubs too - just as a bright spot, but the hot Australian summer sun usually does a lot of damage to them.  Last summer I grew capsicums but never got to eat them because of the time I was in hospital - family did though.

Anyway my friends - I must go and get on the road to collect this tree - I told John I had bought the tree and fully expected him to roll his eyes and be disapproving - but the reaction was great - "if that's what you want"  sometimes people surprise us - he has been such a wonderful support to me.  He is putting a television and DVD player into the bedroom for me too. Will be great for the sleepless nights and hot days when lying down under the fan will pass the time away.  I am a lucky girl.

I am off now my friends - enjoy your Sunday - I am enjoying mine already.

Be safe and remember that you are special and loved.

Love and hugs,

"Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week."

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