Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Good evening from my little corner of the world at the end of a lovely day, warm but very pleasant  - gentle wind and clear skies.  I have had a quiet day - did the Post Office this morning and a little bit of shopping and then have been quietly pottering around ever since.

I took my Christmas cards down this afternoon and checked the address book and took pleasure in reading all the cards again and gave thought to all the people who had send cards and re-read their messages.  The walls look very empty without the cards - amazing how quickly we get used to things.

I have sorted through the cards and taken the backs off and will use the pictures to make some Christmas Crafts - some of the cards had images which just lent themselves to becoming a bookmark - so I have six lovely bookmarks which when I use them I will think of the person who sent me the card.

Tomorrow is 12th. night so down come the big trees (they are the only ones left standing in the forest.)  I shall miss them and their twinkling lights, but it is time for them to come down.  

I really like taking the lounge room tree down because all the decorations in there belong to the children (well they aren't children any more) and as I remove each one I give thought to the year it was bought and the age of the child and remember so much. I then think about their lives and their ages now and how life is going for them.   It takes much longer than it actually should, but it is a pleasure for me.

I have decided this year to have a word to just be my word and to use as a pattern for my life - this year my word is ATTITUDE and I don't mean bad attitude, I mean my attitude to everything which happens in my life.  My attitude to my family, my friends and celebrations and things I have to do.  I plan to turn negative attitudes around to positive experiences as I go through my year.

I am going to constantly challenge myself to ask the question "how can I make this positive and engaging?   Wish me luck - I hope to learn lots and lots of things.   

Perhaps you would like to choose a word that will challenge you - if you do - please share it with me.   I have a friend who has chosen the word "Capture" and this will relate to photography, beautiful moments etc. in her life.

I am taking the challenge that my illness and surgery has given me, to live each moment to the full and to be sure to spread the word about the value and importance of organ donation.  It saved my life and I want to spread the word.

If bedtime is on its way for you - sleep warm and well but if a new day is dawning for you - grasp it with both hands and find joy in the little things, for we really do live in an amazing world.

Take care and love and hugs,

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