Sunday, May 29, 2011


The Numbers Song

Welcome to beautiful Sunday and those of you who have been following my Blog for some time will know that the posts on the morning after a sleepless night can be interesting.  As I lay there wishing for sleep to come and carry me away I somehow got to thinking about numbers.

I think it came from the fact that I wondered what the date was and at that stage is was the 30th. day of May - then the year Two thousand and eleven.  Then I wandered back much further than that  -  back to the date and time of our birth.  Today is Sunday (first day of the week) and the weather here is cold, crisp and sunny.  Everywhere is damp but beautiful.  Temperature 15 degrees (another number)

The numbers that relate to our lives are merely combinations of the numbers zero to nine and when I thought of all the numbers attached to my life and then the number of people in my family, my suburb, my city, my country and the world - that's when I fell asleep.

I am a word person and until now had not realized the significance of numbers in my life.
Let's explore the numbers relative to me and no doubt you too.  Some are significant milestones and there is quite a patch of time where no numbers seem to be important, but as I got older how important they became.

1.     Date of birth 
2.     Registration of birth (no doubt a number there)
3.     First Library Card
4.     Date we left England
5.     Date I met my oldest friend (same date we left England)
6.     When I left school
7.     Started work
8.     Became engaged
9.     Was married
10.    Birth of first child
11.     Birth of second child
12.     Became ill
13.     Dates of hospital stays.
14.     Liver Transplant ( I am number 194 at Flinders)
15.     Contracted Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
16.     Finally came home
17.     Celebrated first year anniversary.

These are all important milestones in my life and all have their own number combination.  I then thought of all the other numbers that related to me.

a.       Drivers licence
b.       Bank Accounts
c.       Medicare card
d.       Library cards
e.       Video Store card
f.       R.A.A. (Roadside Assistance)
g.       Car registration
h.       Social Security Number
i.        Credit cards
j.        Medic Alert
k.       Organ Donor card
l.        Queen Elizabeth Hospital patient number
m.       Flinders Medical Centre patient number
n.        Pharmacy card
o.        Telephone number
p.         Mobile phone number 
q.         Insurance (house and car)
r.          Cinebuzz cards (two - old and new)
s.          Seniors card
t.          Medibank Private
u.          Bakers Delight
v.          Amnesty Membership 
w.          W.E.A. Student Card
x.          Medical Emergency card
y.          Ambulance card
z.          Pharmacy card.

All of these numbers are a combination of the basic 0 - 9 and it fascinates me how they are not doubled up anywhere - some may have a letter combination too.

Famous Mathematicians such as Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton,  Pythagoras, Blaise Pascal, Carl Friedrich Gauss and many many others have my greatest respect because with just the basic numbers they were able to calculate so many things.

Numbers at school are important - times tables, algebra, geometry - all fascinating in their own way.

We use references to counting in our daily conversations such as:

  1. You can count on me
  2. Count me in 
  3. Countdown
  4. Let me count the ways
  5. Count your blessings
  6. Count sheep
  7. I loooooooove to count (Sesame Street's own Count)  thanks Michelle for pointing out the omission.

I am still a words girl but after giving all of this some contemplation I have a greater respect for numbers and will probably look at them very differently in future.

This beautiful Sunday I "count" myself blessed indeed to be able to be alive and well and using the computer which I understand is a combination of numbers/letters too, to be able to "count" my blessings and  "count" the number of people who visit this page and oh so much more.

I am blessed indeed to be number "194" and encourage you all to "step up and be counted" to enrol as an Organ Donor, Blood Donor - count your blessings and do it for someone else.

Try to count the stars at night, the ripples on the river, the hairs on the head of that beautiful child you rock to sleep, the moments that have taken your breath away and be thankful for life itself.

Well - your numbers up for today and I thank you for visiting and reading "The Musings of My Heart" - I have lost count of the things I have to be thankful for.

Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

The number of houses I visited today, the number of people who donated, asked for a receipt, didn't want a receipt,my collectors number, my receipts all numbered and now I go the "tally room" to count the money raised on the Peninsula.
Am I merely a number, never! But they do try!

I love your posts on middle of the night inspirations!