Monday, July 11, 2011


Carly Simon - Coming Around Again

It is Monday lunchtime in my little corner of the world and the sun is working very hard to come out and shine for us today.  We have quite heavy cloud cover and it is COLD.

My Mailbox was full this morning with greetings from many different places in the world and it is always a joy to read mail.  On a different level my Post Office Box only held two letters and both were for my daughter - so Hip Hip Hooray no bills for me.

It amazes me how quickly Monday comes around again and my thoughts took to me Carly Simon and I hope you enjoy this song of hers.

Things are going well in my world - I had a lovely phone conversation with Melinda and also spoke to Grace and Henry yesterday.  Some excitement in that household because it is school holidays and Grandpa is up at the farm picking olives.

It has been a nice morning - my daughter came home to study for the morning as workmen are at her place and I had coffee and then left her in peace while I went shopping and played the role of Santa's helper for Grace and Henry - I had a list and it was still quiet in the shops so I was home in time to have morning tea with Naomi.   Scones from Bakers Delight fitted the bill nicely.

We have been going through recipe books (so much for her studying) and I have decided to have a clean out of those I no longer use or have interest in - some are going home with daughter and others off to the Op Shop and a tidy shelf for me.
This has needed doing for a long time and now we have started I must finish it.  Time consuming and stirring of memories of times when we have used certain recipes.  I shall be happy when it is a completed task.

I have already been through my CD collection and sorted into alphabetical order and got rid of those I never played.  Next will be the sorting of my books into categories such as Biographies/Fiction/Crime/Romance (not many of those) and I shall be culling in that department too.

We procrastinate for so long that when we do finally get to doing things the feeling on completion is great.   After that is all finished it will be time to go through the photographs.  Oh Boy will that be fun.

Whatever plans you have for today I hope you can find some time to go through some memories and enjoy revisiting places in your mind.  When you get to going through the material things in your homes - pass things on to family members and see their joy in using them and spend some time talking about how you used to enjoy using each item - a very worthwhile experience.

If it is summer for you I hope you are not too hot and that you can enjoy a cool spot and for those of us in the southern hemisphere - stay warm and cozy - I have soup on cooking and it is sending a lovely aroma through my home.   The sweet blessings of winter.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read "The Musings from My Heart" and I send love and hugs to you all.

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