Sunday, July 31, 2011

Enya - "Watermark"

Good Morning and welcome to Sunday - a dry and sunny day in Adelaide - still cold and the sky is a little "milky" but holds the promise of a lovely day.

This piece of music is one that was being played in the background at my beading class - I loved the music and it certainly helped create a calm atmosphere for me. 

Pictured above is the book I am very tempted to  buy a. because it is a beautiful book, and b. because there are beautiful patterns in there that I may just one day tackle.

Bead weaving was totally new to me and I was slow but did achieve - but did not complete the bracelet.   So - as I said another U.F.O. (UNFINISHED OBJECT) in Adelaide.  I believe I will complete this project but giving my eyes a little rest and going to set up quietly and calmly in my own home and go at my own pace. May even start again and have things a little neater and more uniform loops.  This is a challenge for me and one I shall enjoy. It was lovely to be with Narelle and to nurture that friendship.

 All in all yesterday was a good day for me.   Tired and sore eyed when I got home, aching back, but a contented feeling. Hot shower and quick meal and into bed for me.

I have just had half an hour on the phone with my elder daughter and that was lovely - she rang to see how the class had gone and showed great interest, stressing again that it is earrings that she likes.

I hope you have had pleasant times in your weekend and that Sunday is a great day for you.   Find a sunny spot out of the cold wind and enjoy some time with a book, or sit by the river and watch the reeds bend and quiver.  Those in summer have fun in the warmth and outdoor activities and I wish you all a peaceful heart today.

Time to put my my skates on and get some things done around here - just had another long phone call - busy place this morning - another friend checking in to see how I coped with yesterday.  I am blessed indeed to have the care and love of friends and family.

Take care everyone and find joy in your world today and thank you for visiting "The Musings from my Heart."

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

There are some UFO"s in Tanilba that could come your way. If so please feel free to FO and send back.
So glad you survived your first post transplant class!

Linda J. said...

I did survive thank you - and did enjoy and will finish the UFO sometime soon.

I guess we all have those projects that get put aside for whatever reason.

Love and hugs,