Sunday, September 11, 2011


Tell me on a Sunday - Sarah Brightman

Good Morning and welcome to Sunday morning - cold and still windy and the promise of rain today.   It has rained quite a lot overnight 

Well Saturday came and went and I somehow forgot to post a blog - I spent a day quietly just tidying up things and still sorting through bookshelves - and I have no idea where the time went.  It was a peaceful day after a shopping trip and a visit to Vinnie's where I bought some beaded necklaces to take apart and use the beads.  

The whole world is holding it's breath today as the threat of more terrorist attacks hangs heavy over the United States.  

It is amazing that ten years have passed since that dreadful day - no doubt you remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news.

I remember very clearly - I was working at my desk when my younger daughter came in and said "You best turn the television on - a plane has crashed into the World Trade Centre."  It was late on a Tuesday evening here in Adelaide - and sleep did not come for me at all - I just sat and watched absolutely stunned and shocked and became aware that I would be forever changed, the world would be changed and I wondered if we would ever feel safe again.   As we watched we saw the second plane hit the second tower - I was aware that we were experiencing something like nothing before.   Actually seeing world events in real time.  What were you doing ?

I was very aware of my own feelings but I could sense great fear in my children and it was a time when we sat and discussed things, reassured each other and expressed the love we felt for each other.
Several times I didn't think that I could be a support to them because of the shattered feelings I had, but together we worked through it.

My heart goes out to every family who lost a loved one in such terrible circumstances, and I ached for them not knowing and waiting.   I cried many tears at the phone calls and the agony on faces young and old.

Ten years have gone by - how different is your life from then ?  Mine has changed in so very many ways.  Friends and family have died leaving an empty space and an ache in my heart, my children have grown and all left home, making their own way in the world.  They travel overseas quite often and I sit at home holding my breath and waiting for their safe return.  

I found a job doing something I absolutely loved, made friends there and really enjoyed my six years before my health went out of control.

I have changed cars twice - with a brand new car being my latest addition - a lovely silver Camry - but there are times when I miss my much loved Torago people mover.  I miss the joy of having space for friends, a flat seat beds to carry long and awkward things and I miss the times when the whole sports teams from School would pile into the Torago and off we would go.  I remember taking eight friends home when my daughter and her group had locked their vehicle in a parking station.

 I miss sitting high in the traffic (the visibility was great)  - I just miss "Marilyn".  Not that I don't love my new car.  Driving it was great - manual gear change and very comfortable seats.

My health - well that's a story all on it's own - but suffice to say that I was treated very well by brilliant medical minds who found the problem and made appropriate arrangements for me.

My life has changed in that I have a connection with another family whose name I don't know - but whose loved one gave me the gift of life. Ten years ago I would never have dreamed that I would be an organ transplant recipient.  How blessed I am.

So many other dreadful things have happened in the last ten years, floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and many other terrorist attacks have taken place including the London and Bali bombings and many more places all over the world.

I do pray for world peace, a calm in the minds of radical people  and that this earth will be blessed with rain and food crops - I try to find compassion for all and hold on to the hope that we can all live in peace.

As you recall September 11 try to find compassion and forgiveness in your heart - not an easy task and reach out with love and care to those whose lives were changed forever.

With love and hugs,

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