Friday, December 23, 2011


My beautiful gift

Well, I am pleased to sit down and breathe a while - I have been on a roller coaster ride for the last two days - so many lovely things happening in my life..   Where do I start to share them with you - well let's "start at the very beginning - a very good place to start.

An early visit to the Post Office to get a parcel away to USA and some papers faxed for Jenny.  No crowd and I select the padded bag for the item only to find that I had left the gift in the car.  Back to the car and start again.  Sylvana and Donna at the Post Office were chuckling at me and even more loudly when I had to go back to the car again to get the mailing labels.  Sylvana sorted it all out and then said "I'm surprised Linda you are always so efficient - if I didn't know better I would say you were in love."  My reply - "Yes I am" and I left them open mouthed saying "See you after Christmas for the next episode."

I came home to find an email from Transplant Nicole telling me she was forwarding a Christmas Card from my Donor Family -( which arrived today and is lovely.)

A relatively calm and serene afternoon then a visit to the Hairdresser - all fine there and so I called into a Supermarket to collect some ribbons (?) - I remember when you used to buy food there.

The girl who served me was also called Linda and she asked if I liked Christmas Day to which I replied "I like everyday" and the conversation went from there.   We discussed organ donation and suddenly she rang the bell and said to the whole store of staff and shoppers "Three cheers everyone for Linda who has survived a liver transplant."  I was blown away but did recover enough to walk to my car.    Only to find my self talking to a lovely lady who works in the Laboratories at Flinders and remembered my name and doing lots of tests for me.

And if that wasn't enough I got home to a letter from my Cousin in Melbourne who had written words down when she found out I was in desperate need of a liver transplant.    She wrote them and promised herself she would give them to me when I was two years out - and here we are.  Very beautiful words from someone who was feeling my pain.

Some silliness and frivolity with a Santa Hat and the day was gone - couldn't sleep got up changed and washed the bed linen and then did manage a few hours.   This morning I was out early to buy fresh fruits for Sunday.   Walking around the Supermarket I noticed a lady and I thought - gee you look like Margie - from a long time ago.   I met her in another aisle and realized that I had but one chance to check to see if it was her - or our paths may never cross again.   So courage up I asked her if her name was Margie - and yes it was Margie Brown from over 42 years ago and Youth Group Days.   She hasn't changed a bit and it was like we had seen each other often during those years.  It was a very special time.   Thank you Margie for coming back to Adelaide for Christmas and being an early shopper and I am truly glad our paths crossed.

Home again and the door bell rings and a lovely man holding the basket pictured above said "Merry Christmas Linda.," and the beautiful card came with wishes for a wonderful Christmas for me and my family - the wonders of Interflora bring Christmas Green foliage and pine fragrance into my home from many many miles away.   Thank you Joe for this gift that will grace my table and keep you close.

My mail is in and my card here from my Donor family - a beautifully simple card to me and my family from Shirley and family.  Shirley is my Donor's wife and how sweet that she thought of me - I am truly blessed.

What a roller coaster ride these days have been and I have been cautioned very kindly to take care lest I crash and burn and how special it is to be cared about enough for that to be expressed.

So this is Christmas 
And what have you done 
Another year over 
And a new one just begun 
And so this is Christmas 
I hope you have fun 
The near and the dear ones 
The old and the young 

A very merry Christmas 
And a happy New Year 
Let's hope it's a good one 
Without any fear 

It is Christmas every day in my heart and I count my blessings daily for ALL that I have and for the wonderful feeling of being "loved"  Yes I have gifts and will have more but I have in my heart the greatest gift of all - that of loving and being loved in return.  

Looking back two years who would have ever thought I would be here, so well and so happy.  I most certainly didn't - but I am thankful to be so.  

My family has grown to include those without a blood line link - tied with strings of the heart and I am blessed.

In all of this excitement there is still time for a Moment of Stillness:

"Teach me to wait silently, 
untroubled and without fear
but full of gratitude and giving thanks."

Thanks for visiting the Musings of My Heart a heart that is full to overflowing with happiness.

Love and hugs,


nbeltane said...

a beautiful post linda, i have tears in my eyes from reading about your day, even though i already knew from the group what had gone on, what a special 48 hours for you to always treasure

Linda J. said...

Thanks Nicole - because I am caught up in the beauty that is mine doesn't mean I forget you and your Mum and how difficult it is for you all.

Love and hugs,

Diane said...

I especially love the Christmas music a nice addition..Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Be safe and Be Happy..

Hugs Diane