Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I dwell in Possibility --
A fairer House than Prose --
More numerous of Windows --
Superior -- for Doors --

Of Chambers as the Cedars --
Impregnable of Eye --
And for an Everlasting Roof
The Gambrels of the Sky --

Of Visitors -- the fairest --
For Occupation -- This --
The spreading wide of narrow Hands
To gather Paradise.

Emily Dickinson

Good Afternoon - from a very hot Adelaide where the sky is clouding over ahead of another summer storm.  The north wind is howling and blowing her hot breath all over.

This beautiful poem was shared with me today and I hesitate to touch it, to write how it affects and moves me for fear of not paying true homage to something so very beautiful.  When I first read it I was misty eyed and breathless from it's beauty.  I was deeply moved and have taken up the challenge of sharing it with you and I hope you are still left in awe of it's beauty.

I dwell in possibility - no longer in the shadows, I take the opportunity to see all that can be and to reach out with open arms for that possibility.  More numerous of windows - openings to let in light, hope, fresh air, gentle breezes and love and joy.  Chambers as the Cedars - strong and dense and robust against the storms of life - I love the plural tense of this - Cedars - more than one and innumerable.

And for an everlasting roof the gambrels of the sky - open and pointing upwards to life and love.

The fairest of visitors - and this, my favourite line:
"the spreading wide of narrow hands to gather Paradise"

This to me is a vision splendid, a line filled with beautiful words that allows me to see that living in possibility allows me to gather Paradise in all of it's beauty, strength and hope.

I dwell in possibility and for me in that possibility lies so very much of all that I hope for and dream of - a life filled with the wonder of nature, the love of family and friends that I have gathered on my journey, and the pure sheer joy of living.

I wish you possibilities for your journey, petals on your pathway and a diamond studded sky and love to complete you.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart totally overwhelmed with the beauty of this writing from Emily Dickinson and a heart filled with possibilities.

In the hope that my writing has not taken anything away from this poem.

Love and hugs,

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Joe said...

I believe Ms. Dickinson would be proud that this pieced moved you so much. Her intentions, indeed. To me, Emily's poems are meant to inspire us, to move us to a greater sense of life. I love all her work. I'm overjoyed to see that you have found the pure beauty in possibilities!