Sunday, January 8, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Sunday morning - coffee and sweet sweet music - a gentle easing into my day ~ the storms have gone and we are left with beautiful damp earth and a garden breathing a sigh of relief and giving thanks for the rain.

All day yesterday this storm was brewing, the atmosphere was very heavy and the north wind was blowing - a very oppressive day and I was much relieved when the storm broke.   It didn't last long for me, but it did manage some damage in other parts of this City.   Around 6.00.p.m. it became very dark and the rain started - and boy did it rain.  The thunder roared and there was lots of lightening - it was beautiful.   Being the big kid that I am I had to kick off my shoes and splash in puddles while using my new Christmas gift umbrella.  I got very wet !!   It was great to feel cool and to relish that good to be alive feeling.

My lovely Christmas gift umbrella
Christmas is slowly disappearing from my home - I "felled" the big tree in the family room and now just need some help to get the furniture back to normal - whatever normal really is.   I guess it is about living in the moment and this room has been filled with Christmas and furniture accordingly.    I shall have to buy some of those big crates with lids to store all this stuff - and also the extra goodies I keep gathering.  There are some things that will not be getting put away - so Christmas will be with me all year.   I shall be keeping out the lovely Christmas tree ornament that came on my basket of Christmas Green - much too pretty to put away and not enjoy every day.   The photo ornament of Tayden shall sit on my desk too - he's much too cute to pack away in a box.  I also have some fragile things which are much safer on a shelf than in boxes. "May" my little "sand person" from Cape May will also be with me all year. All of this brings great joy to me - I most certainly do have an incurable case of "tinselitis" and I don't want to recover.

It is just another "Flinders Park" Sunday - and my neighbour is mowing his lawns and the dogs are barking - a very normal and ordinary day - and before long the barbecues at neighbouring houses will be lit and Sunday lunch will be on.  My neighbour's son is rehearsing his music with his friends.

  How I love these ordinary days - quiet and peaceful and routine.  How I ached for them, yearned for them, prayed for them and cried for them.!!  I am truly blessed - in fact I am blessed in so many ways.   I received my transplant and survived Stevens Johnson Syndrome to go on to find special loves in my life.  Amazing people fill my life and with the wonders of technology communication is wonderful. I am in love with my life and now I just have to master some of the technology and get my printer to co-operate and I will be very pleased.  I think it may need some old fashioned technology such as a thump to move something that is not connecting properly.  I'll keep you posted as to how the "thump" works.  

If Saturday is drawing to a close for you I hope it has been a good day and that you are able to enjoy a lovely evening and anticipate a beautiful Sunday in your little corner of the world.  If it is cold be sure to snuggle up and get keep warm - hot chocolate sounds good to me.  To those for whom Sunday has already started - make sure it is a good day for you and those you love. 

This afternoon may hold a movie with "The Golden Girls" but right now I am just enjoying the day as it is happening.   I will enjoy a movie and ice cream, but will be fine if it doesn't happen.

Take care of yourselves and each other, live, laugh, love and be happy.

Thanks for calling by to read the Musings of My Heart - an inspired heart this morning - so much to inspire me.

Love and hugs,

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