Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Good Afternoon and welcome to my Wednesday which has thus far been a busy one ~ I rose early to celebrate the life of a dear friend at the same time her service was held on the other side of the world and shared bubbles in her memory ~ it was a damp and cool morning with not a breath of wind so the bubbles just settled in a mass on my lawn and looked very beautiful.

I have had a day of balloons and bubbles:

Then I was on the run with appointments and post office collections and the rest of my day has been quiet, which is just as well as I am very tired.

I have shared much of myself and my world with you and the latest is that I may well be doing some more beading classes during the autumn/winter and that will be very pleasant.  There is talk of another River Boat cruise later in the year so that is a nice thought on the horizon.

The day is beautiful as you can see from the blue sky in the photograph above ~ no wind and a gentle warmth  and certainly no clouds ~ a lovely autumn day and the birthday of my youngest daughter.  I wonder when I look at her and hear her at her work just how quickly the years have flown.
If you have young children in your life make sure you spend all the time you can with them and store up the memories because suddenly they are adults and trying to organize their parents.

A much quieter weekend coming up for me and I shall look forward to catching up with friends and maybe there may be a movie on the agenda.  Apart from all of this life is ordinary and I welcome with open arms those ordinary days ~ how I ached for them, cried for them, pleaded for them and  relish them now that they are mine again.

It was good to visit my local General Practitioner and to realize that it had been a year since I had seen her ~ my winter flu shot is now taken care of and that too is a good thing.

Friends and family coming for dinner so I best get moving but wherever you are in this beautiful world I hope there is peace in your heart and a smile on your lips.

Kahlil Gibran was right when he wrote that "Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit" and I share those words with you and hope that there is love in your heart and life and that you can feel the love and care.

I am thankful for the joys of friendship and remember Kristy and Vicki with much affection.

Thank you for coming by to visit the Musings from My Heart ~ today a heart filled with gratitude.

Love and hugs,

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