Monday, March 26, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to my Monday - early morning and crisp and cool.  The days are getting shorter and next Sunday will see the end of our summer time and we put our clocks back an hour at 02.00 on Sunday morning 1st. April.   I am always sorry to see the end of daylight saving as I love the longer evenings.

How true it is that we can only take one step at a time ~ it applies to all areas of our lives.  Watching little ones beginning to walk we are delighted with just one step at first.  Those first few times of being out of bed after a protracted period we are content with just a few steps and then to increase by several each day.

After major surgery we hope our energy levels will be back to "normal" but that sometimes doesn't happen ~ it all takes time and we need to find our patience and take "one step at a time."   I have to learn to be content to be a little slower, and surrender to the fatigue that hits if I try to do too much.    This lovely little puffin was a lovely reminder to me for me to live within the constraints I have.

Today has been a lovely day ~ a day filled with sunshine, lovely conversation, the sharing of emotion, some laughter and the wonderful acceptance that special friendships bring.

Mail is in from my Post Office box and from my home letter box and held lots of lovely surprises.  My magazine subscription, a lovely calender for my desk, some stickers and a couple of parcels.
One delivered to my door by a Courier company and which held a special gift and another to the Post Office which held some earrings and a necklace I had ordered.   So all in all it has been a lovely busy mail day.    Ordinary envelopes can be dressed up with stickers and there are also beautiful envelopes which bring joy ~ such as the beautiful petal covered one I received today (pink of course.)

I have had visitors today too and done a couple of cryptic crossword puzzles to keep my brain sharp ~ it is very slow today because I am tired ~ but I am learning to take it "one step at a time" ~ to crawl before I can walk.

There are birthdays all around me and if you are one of the March babies whose birthday falls this week ~ Happy Birthday to you and I wish you sunlight and flowers for your year ahead.

To those who traveled this past weekend I hope there was joy and beauty in your journey and that you have come home refreshed and ready to get into the working week.   I wish you a calm and clear mind and not too many interruptions and the joy and friendship of work colleagues.  Enjoy the Water Cooler moments and the shared laughter.

To those who are ill and dealing with pain ~ I hope your medical team can get some relief for you and that you can try to be gentle with those who are your caregivers ~ they are important people and even though frustration and fear clouds your mind that is no excuse for bad behaviour.

I wish you green traffic lights, good coffee, a friendly smile, a surprise in the mail, some cheery words of support and not too much stress to pull you down ~ remember you can only do it "one step at a time.

Thank you for visiting the Musings from my Heart ~ a heart that is glad and very grateful for all I have in my life today.

Love and hugs,

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"One step at a time", certainly is the way to go. Sometimes we want things in a hurry. We want to quickly reach the destination, but as rightly pointed out in the blog, the joy lies in the journey.

In fact, I am beginning to believe that it is always about the journey and not the destination or goal. At the same time, this thought may make many of us complacent to the extent that we lose track of our path to the goal. But then again, I am reminded of the fact that nature seeks balance and it applies here as well. To my mind, 80-90% of the time, we must enjoy the journey and the rest 10-20 % of the time, we must sit back and review our progress w.r.t the goal.

Before reading this blog, I was in a turmoil regarding my life goals and the slow pace things seem to be taking. But now, I feel better. Thanks for the wonderful post ! Keep writing.

Ashish (Pune, India)