Saturday, March 17, 2012


Welcome to Saturday and it is the day for the wearing of the green ~ Saint Patrick's day and I wish all who are Irish, or who claim some Irish heritage  (and those who just think it's a great excuse to party and celebrate) a very happy day of celebration.   If it is green beer you are drinking or you are eating Colcannon sure By gosh and Begorrah have a wonderful Saturday.

So much is going on in my life ~ and the lives of those I hold dear to me that the days are just going by in a blur.   Happy, healthy days filled with love and care and generosity of spirit.  
The weather has cleared up and we have sunshine again and open clear velvet nights with diamonds gleaming for all the world to see.   I have been "sky watching " a bit lately and viewing the moon and the stars and realizing that my northern hemisphere friends view the same sky as I do and that does temper the distance somewhat.

I have had lovely mail in my Post Office box this week ~ sent with love and care and very much thought and it has brought me to tears of joy to read the lovely handwriting and words penned with love.  I am very blessed indeed.

Once again it is time for me to get back on the Merry Go Round of appointments and I have been busy scheduling appointments with Eye Specialist, Podiatrist, Dentist, Doctor, Dietitian and Dermatologist.  It is interesting to note how quickly the year has gone but it must have done as reminders are coming through for all of these things.    I am blessed to live within close proximity to most and to be well enough to cope with any distance involved.  This is all part of life post transplant for me ~these are annual events which is a very good reminder that I am into my third year of "life with Oliver" ~ having written that and come back to re-read I am amazed that I am talking in terms of "years"  ~ my scar is fading and most importantly I am alive and well and thankful.

I have been shopping today and spent a fortune at the Pharmacy and enjoyed a lovely sojourn with a beautiful young woman and we shared so much of how life has been for both of us  ~ one of those friends that you meet for just a few moments of your day.   One of those times I shall remember clearly ~ we talked for a little while about health, life and attitude to life and although her path has been rough she was able to be positive enough to want to live, to laugh and to love.  We parted with her saying for me to be safe and I left her with the worlds I hope for you there is joy in your journey.   She smiled and waved and drove off ~ I hope that there is joy for her.

At times I feel as though I am on a mission to bring some calm, peace and joy to lives that are hurting ~ and I know that today some one's step was a little lighter because our paths crossed.  Today my words helped her and I am sure that now her candle is lit she will be lighting other candles.

Celebration time for the Golden Girls with a March birthday for Karen ~ so dinner out and lots of giggles for us tonight and it will be lovely.   Karen is our Golfer, so it won't be a late night because she is probably teeing off at seven in the morning.   I am to be chauffeur driven ~ "Thanks Di." ~ it will be great.

Sickness and pain is troubling many friends all over the world and I am holding them close and encouraging them as I can ~ there is much sadness, but it gets to a stage where some one's time has come and we need to let them go and get on with the next stage of their journey.  So much of our grief is for ourselves.

"Courage friends ~
You do not walk alone
We shall walk with you
And sing your spirit home"

Off now to get on with the next part of my day which will be putting the shopping away ~ I have been all over the place and doing lots of little things and not achieving very much , but once this blog is posted I shall be feeling very much happier.

Our River Boat cruise is next Friday and the weather forecast is for a cool day with the chance of showers ~ perfect when compared with how hot is could have been.

Thank you for calling by and visiting the Musings of My Heart ~ a heart filled with compassion and care and yet one that sings for the joy of many things. 

Love and hugs,


Whimsicalnotions said...

Aww you are such a thoughtful inspiring person,I have been battling depression and i agree as with you about so many things.I hold onto my favourite saying Keep a green bough in your heart and the singing bird will come.Thank you for the gift of your writing,

Joe said...

mostly I am alive and well and thankful.

Interesting word choices. We will have to speak on this.

Mostly? Confused and worried!

Linda J. said...

Julie your words are lovely ~ thanks for visiting and I wish for you better days. <3

Linda J. said...

Poor choice of words there or my fingers working faster than my brain what I meant to write was "most importantly " I have changed the text on the blog. How blessed I am to have your love and care and checking up on me.