Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Good early afternoon from a City filled with sunshine and blue sky.   There are lots of white fluffy clouds in my sky and all is well with me.

I have been to the hairdresser, chatted with the girls, done some talking about organ donation there ~ they are hungry to learn and know.  Home again, had lunch and now to spend some time blogging.

I write today with a thankful heart ~ a friend named Patrick has just received a call and is now waiting for his heart transplant and I rejoice with him and his family at this anxious time.   I also acknowledge the donor family at their time of grief and loss.  When one door closes another opens.

Shrouded in wonder and awe of the miracle that is organ transplantation ~ I began another day with gratitude and thanksgiving.   The journey I am taking is filled with wonder and awe at so many things, and I am blessed to have special ones to share it with me.   

I have over the last few days, done some deep thinking and learned so much about myself, my journey, my actions and my reactions.  It is a wonderful journey and I am in total awe of it all.
I am very blessed to have someone who also thinks deeply to share the journey with and to share the thoughts and emotions that emerge at a time like this.   It is WONDERful; full of wonder.

Like the rest of you I get frustrated when plans I have made don't work out the way I would have liked them too ~ I know this happens to many people.    We have to be careful not to get caught up in the happenings around us at the neglect and expense of the nurture of of our body and emotions.

A very dear friend told me that there comes a time when we need to be a little selfish in this life and reclaim the time and space for ourselves.   We need to nourish and nurture ourselves so that we can become the best person we can be and then go back out into the world and sparkle and shine.

There is so much I would like to share with you, but I think the image below says it all:

What have you seen today that has brightened your world ?  For me there are several things that I have seen and felt already today:

  • A new diamond ring on a finger and very sparkly eyes
  • A toddler walking with faltering steps and holding the hand of someone much older.
  • The changing of the seasons and the shortening of the days as Autumn settles here.
  • I heard the crunch of a dry leaf as I opened the gate to get the car out.
  • I REALLY heard the lyrics of a song playing on a DVD in the car.
  • An email from a friend from long ago (she was a child I cared for and now an adult friend.)
  • Lovely message from a friend who was admitting fatigue and taking care.
  • My laundry drying in the warm breeze.
and there are so many other things and my day is only half way through.

I hope you can find joy in the little things of life and courage for the bigger things, which will and do come along.  The joy truly is in the journey and that's what life is ~ a journey and not a destination.

Weather conditions all over the world are causing such distress for many many people and my thoughts and prayers are with my American friends as they struggle to recover from the tornado filled days of late.

New South Wales and Victoria are still in the grip of flooding with rain continuing to fall, Queensland too is very wet ~ why are we so surprised ?   We prayed for rain long and hard and now we have it.
These are similar flood patterns from long ago but as always we seem to go full circle.   My heart and thoughts are with you all as you struggle to stay dry and maintain your homes.

There is much sickness and pain about and to those of you who are ill I am remembering you and those of you who are caregivers I acknowledge all you do and are and encourage you to take care of yourselves.

My family are all well ~ Naomi and Alexis survived their flooded road trip to Broken Hill and the huge detour they had to take and Rebecca and Nick are very busy with deadlines at work and with Writer's Week.  Our dear family friend Mary, on holiday from NSW took a tumble on Sunday and is a little bruised and shaken but otherwise okay.

It is really so important to be there for each other ~ to share, to care, to love and cherish. 

In your busy days and life ~ take the time to care for yourself so that you stay well and happy.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart ~ today a thoughtful heart filled with care for others.

Love and hugs,

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