Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Welcome to Wednesday in my little corner of the world where the sun is shining and the earth looking very refreshed after overnight rain.   My lawns were cut on Monday and I swear they have grown some by this morning.

My friend Kristy is free of pain and home safe ~ she took the wings of the morning on a rainy night in Texas and left us ~ she loved rainy nights so it was appropriate that the heaven's wept at her passing.


Please hold her family close in your thoughts and prayers - particularly her daughters Addison and Sydney ~ I shall miss this beautiful soul but I rejoice that her pain is over and feel blessed that she touched my life.  Fly Free my friend you were very loved. 

The empty swing represents the empty space in my life ~ but what a beautiful image that is ~ I can imagine swinging over there and dragging my feet in the water and feeling the gentle breezes blow.

I have had a couple of frustrating days with Delivery companies and Government Departments and it has made me tired, but only because I gave in and allowed it to frustrate and upset me.  I certainly became Miss Cranky Pants for a while there but that was yesterday and yesterday's gone.

Some of you are feeling unwell and a little worried while you wait for test results and I understand that very well ~ try to relax and know that it will happen in good time,  Plans may have to be changed to accommodate surgery for some of you and I hope you can "Keep calm and Carry On" until you know the results of your tests.   My love and care and understanding is with you.    Please keep me in the loop so I know what is happening for you.

Our days are shorter and night time comes earlier for us and for my northern Hemisphere friends it is Officially Spring (although Mother Nature has been dancing in your gardens for some weeks now) ~ now it's official no more dance rehearsals IT IS SPRING. 

I hope your hearts can dance with the daffodils and enjoy the glorious awakening of plants and flowers, and I hope you are able to be out in the fresh air and sunshine and do some gardening (or watch the family as they do it.)

I have had lots of lovely mail and cards and my heart rejoices at the pure delight of a letter written by hand and filled with news and beautiful thoughts.  Today's card was full of images of sea shells and  words about the ocean and the shoreline.  A treat indeed.

I have touched base with someone I have missed for a while and today received an Easter card from New Zealand with a picture of the ship that brought my friend and my family and me to Australia and New Zealand.  Memories are wonderful.   Brian and I have been friends for 51 years ~he was 23 and I was 13 when we met on the deck of the "Strathaird" as she pulled out from London's Tilbury Dock on a very windy day in March.

I hope that you have had letters and phone calls and that life is sweet for you ~ it is for me and I hope that wherever you are there is joy in your journey in spite of pain and illness.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart ~ today a heart filled with letters and memories.

Love and hugs,

No music today - seems to be a problem with the music site.

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