Thursday, July 5, 2012


Good Afternoon from a dry day in this beautiful City where the sun has tried very hard to shine today, but it was dry enough for me to arrange to have my lawns mowed - they are looking great - lush and green and ready for the promised frost of tomorrow morning.

The days have been moving along quite quickly and it seems that it is bed time again very soon and it is lovely to snuggle up in my lovely warm bed.

The days move on and things change all the time - and changes bring out the best and worst in people.  Most of us can accept the changes, the ups and downs in life, the good times and the bad times, but there are those who when threatened with change become very unreasonable to deal with.

When the storm clouds gather and the seas roll roughly and our little boat is tossed around some of us panic and become out of control ourselves and make life difficult for those who are hanging on and coping in spite of their pain and anguish.

If your little boat is rocking and storm tossed I hope that those around you treat you kindly, with compassion and understanding instead of becoming self centred and somewhat obscene in their behaviour.  However life is treating you - take one day at a time and handle that - "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof".    Try to find joy in the little things amid the most difficult of situations and these storm tossed seas will calm again and leave peaceful waters in their place.

May the tides of life carry you gently
And storms leave you safe in their wake.

Take comfort in those who support you and in spite of all the things going on around you - it is still a beautiful world. 

The weather patterns all over our world have been extreme - for me in Adelaide it has been and continues to be cold and my American friends are sizzling in summer heat.  With heat comes the risk of fires and there have been very bad fires and many homes lost and we in Australia can relate to that very well having been through that experience several times.

However the path before you - be it covered with flowers or thorns, please know that you are not alone - if you need help be sure to ask for it.  Take time out and rest, restore and recover and feel the love of friends and family.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart ~ a heart that feels the pain of those she loves.   I send you courage and care for the difficult days and love to support you as you walk your path and I long to see you smile again as you come to terms with the changes in your life.  Take it all one day at a time.

Love and hugs,

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