Sunday, July 15, 2012


Welcome to Sunday evening - it's been a cold cold day, but a watery sun has brightened our grey sky ~ it has been a quiet day ~ a time for dreaming and as time for thinking.

Oh how I need and enjoy these dreamers, believers, courageous, and cheerful people in my life - those who plan and do with great success and whose feet are firmly on the ground but their heads are in the clouds.

They keep me inspired and grounded by encouragement and faith in me.  Their words of encouragement are music to my ears and they bring joy to my days.

I hope I can be an "encourager", a planner and as doer as best I can and that my efforts are not in vain. I try to keep my feet firmly on the ground and to be realistic - but I am most definitely a dreamer whose thoughts often stray.

Summer is in full swing for our northern hemisphere friends, although the United Kingdom is having weather that is far far from summer with a great amount of rain.   The Olympic Games are upon us again and I do hope the weather in London clears up for those.

Large gatherings of crowds from all over the world will assemble in London in the true spirit of sportsmanship and fair play  - but no doubt there will be the usual drug scandals etc.  Will you be watching the games ?    I shall keep an eye out for the equestrian events but that's about it for me but I am always interested in knowing who has won and what the medal count is.

I did a little shopping this morning and was shocked and very surprised to find Christmas wrapping paper, cards, tinsel, glitter, table linen all beautifully displayed in one shop - 162 days to go - I have seen these things in the shops in August - but never in July before - it gets earlier and earlier and will no doubt upset many people who feel it is far too early.

I love Christmas but even I think this is way too early ~ I am a planner and have my Christmas plans well in hand for this coming festive season, but July is too early for the decorations etc.   I hope they can keep a lid on the Christmas music for a while. 

Another weekend is over for me and I hope those of you who live in my time zone have had a good weekend and go forward into the coming week refreshed and restored and for our northern hemisphere summer friends I hope you have as wonderful Sunday with picnics, swimming, relaxing times with family and friends.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart and walking along side me for a few moments of your day .

Love and hugs,

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