Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Today it is cooler and we are promised an even cooler day tomorrow which will bring welcome relief to gather strength for the next impending heat wave.

Oh the bliss of a summer breakfast of fruit and Yogurt and the gentle whirring of a fan creating a cool breeze.

Today I am aware of and embrace the many forms of communication we have available to us - let's list some of them:

Good healthy and wholesome conversation
Those short chats with people we meet
Mobile (Cell) phones
Telephone calls
Text messages
Picture messages
The Internet
Face to Face phone calls
Video Camera conversations
Social Networking
Handwritten letters
Cards in the mail

All of these are available to us and make the world we live in smaller and keep those we love close by - picture messaging fascinates me - a photograph taken on my phone in my garden can be on the other side of the world in a matter of moments.

   Imagine the joy of grandparents on one side of the world seeing their new grandchild only moments after birth on the other side of the world.    The wedding photographs sent to someone who could not attend the wedding, the holidays we can take with friends and enjoy along with them, the relief of a Father whose son has gone away to College to be able to communicate so readily.  For me the relief of a phone call from Washington from my daughter during Hurricane Sandy - the range is limitless.

All of these facilities are useless to us unless we avail ourselves of them.

If there is someone you have been meaning to contact but haven't done so - go on take the challenge - make the call/send the text/email.  Reaching out to others is how we communicate and conversations often start with a smile and lead to very pleasant times.

These forms of communication have made us into a Global Village and will, if we use them bring pleasure to all. 

Although at times our world can be scary I am glad to live in these days where communication is so readily available and I try to be a good communicator - how about you ?   Can you do better?  Will you make that call?  I wish you all good days of communication and contact with family and friends.

I spent half an hour on the phone this morning with a niece who lives on a farm miles from here and it was lovely - the communication between us wasn't always good, but we have mended fences and are in touch often.

I rang my longest standing friend (we have been friends for 53 years) in New Zealand  a couple of evenings ago and we talked a while. 

The pure joy of hearing my American Friend's voice can't be measured and I try to speak often either by phone or video camera - we enjoy coffee together. 

Be a communicator and enjoy the pleasures it brings.

Thank you for reading this form of communication ~ The Musings from my Heart.

Be well, be safe and be happy.

Love and hugs,

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