Friday, August 9, 2013


Good Morning and welcome to Friday - the day we think of all week and the day we long for in anticipation of the weekend - well it's here and in my little corner of the world is is quite mild, although the sky is heavy and cloudy.

Don't waste this lovely Friday by wishing it away for the weekend - there is so much you can do and achieve today and the simplest of things are often the ones we forget.

During your day try to show some kindness and help someone find their wings - if you are at a shopping centre - smile at a stranger and say hello - it may well be the only contact they have during the day.   Open a door for someone, pick something up that is dropped - just show kindness and help people find their wings.   I firmly believe in "paying it forward" and that a good turn or kind action shown to someone, may well encourage them to do the same and we again have that ripple effect.

Make your plans for the weekend - plan to spend time with your family and friends, relaxing from a busy working week (an afternoon nap is always welcome and restorative.)   Coffee and a catch up with friends is lovely, a movie that appeals to you.   Time with children and adults is always well spent.   Find a comfortable spot and read/do some sewing/beading or letter writing - whatever needs to be done and will bring you pleasure.

Come back to Monday refreshed, rested and restored and ready to enjoy another week of work, raising a family, being a friend, wife, mother.   It is important that you come back to Monday with calm and peace in your heart, ready to be the best "you"  you can be.

Enjoy whatever you find to occupy your time and your days - enjoy your cooking, reading, and take care of yourselves.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for visiting the Musings from my Heart - again a happy heart today.

Love and hugs,

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