Monday, August 19, 2013


Welcome to Monday and yes it is a Rainy Monday but thankfully the winds have abated and the Severe weather warning over our State has been lifted and there was not very much damage.  It was mainly trees and power lines down in the Adelaide Hills.    They seem to get lots of the wind damage in our State.   Port Lincoln had it's share too with lots of boats breaking free of their moorings.

And still my daffodils stand tall and strong, bending in the wind and not breaking.

The picture above reminds me very much of my childhood when Dancing Classes were part of the routine and on a weekly basis I would be "dragged" off to classes and expected to stand and perform at the barre when in my young mind it was ideal for performing somersaults.    And this I did on a regular basis and that was the best part of the class.    I didn't want to go to dancing - I wanted to ride a pony and run with the wind in my hair.   My Mother didn't understand this and would continue to drag me off to dancing lessons and even when I would hide and we would miss the bus, she still didn't get the message that dancing at the barre was not for me.   There were two kinds of people in the world me and every other little ballerina.

I must have convinced her (or rather the Teacher did) that it was not for me and I did get to ride, muck out stables and wear boots and jodhpurs and  beautiful midnight blue velvet cap.  I remember very well the wind in my hair and the feeling of exhilaration as I cantered and galloped through many happy years of my childhood.    I remember the mist on my face as the days gathered in and the sound of horse feet on a cinder path.  I remember the warm sweet smell of a horse well ridden and the aroma of bran as hot mashes were mixed and given.   I remember the soft feel of the muzzle and watching the twitching, ever alert ears.

I remember cleaning tack for hours and rubbing Neatsfoot oil into leather to make it soft and pliable, using brushes to remove winter coats and combing and brushing long and messy tails.   I was blissfully in heaven with it all.  I would come home smelling of horses and was made to strip off before I came into the house.   

 My Mother never did accept the young girl in jodhpurs and jacket and ached for the little girl in the tutu.    Today would have been her birthday and she would have been 88 today and as her vision faded and she became completely blind, I often wonder if she saw in her mind the little girl in the pink tutu or the tomboy with the wind in her hair.  

Sometimes we get it wrong as parents and want our children doing the things we never got the chance to do - maybe that's why she wanted me to dance.
Her cousin, much more my age, was made to play the piano and would have done anything to dance and I would have longed to have my fingers grace the keys of a piano - it would have been great to have been able to exchange places and even today we still talk about this.

So .... yes there's me and everyone else.   I am who I am and feel that I have found my true self and who I was born to be.

Listen to Susan Boyle and share the joy I feel when I hear this song as it represents who I am and have become.

I have traveled a rough road, I am not a victim I am a survivor and I am who I was born to be.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a pensive and sentimental heart today, one that has been sorting through my treasure chest  - 

"and though I may not 
know the answers 
I can finally say I am free 
And if the questions 
led me here,then 
I am who I was born to be"

Be ever present to the moments in your life - 
live, laugh, love and be happy.

Seize the Day, embrace it and celebrate it. 

Love and hugs,

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