Saturday, September 7, 2013


Welcome to Saturday afternoon in my little corner of the world where the day has been sunny but cool and dry.    The sky has been blue and clear.

It's been a busy day and a special day for me - My Birthday and each Birthday is extra special - this is my fourth birthday since transplant and I am thankful each day.  

To celebrate we as a family went out to breakfast at the Stamford Grand and it was delightful - not busy, lovely food and nice music in the background.

I received lovely gifts from the Family - a very nice compact Digital Radio, some books and some very lovely stationery and of course lovely cards.

These are two books I received.

It has been like one long meal starting with morning coffee on Thursday, out to lunch also on Thursday and now breakfast today - cards and chocolates - it has been lovely.

Today is also our Federal Election here in Australia and polls in South Australia and the Eastern States have now closed and we wait for the Western Australian Polls to close in another hour.

These events always bring great joy and elation to many and a deep bitter disappointment to others - and it is my sincere hope that whatever the result and whether or not it is your choice, that we are all able to maintain dignity and treat each other with great respect.

It is a privilege to be able to vote and exercise the democratic right to elect the Government of the Day and it should be seen as that and not a chore or difficult task.   If your party wins - Congratulations and if you are a supporter of the losing party - my commiserations to you this time - be ready for the next Election in three years time and work towards that.

It has been a lovely day with Birthday, Breakfast and Polling Booths but mostly for me it has been special to be with my family and the embrace and celebrate my life and another birthday I have been granted by the wonderful man who was my Liver Donor and gave me the gift of life.

 My daughters are out this evening at Post Election Parties and it pleases me to see their interest and dedication to voting.   They accept it as an honour and one that was hard fought for on their behalf.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart and sharing a busy but special day for me.  A day on which I celebrate and recognize just how blessed I really am.

Love and hugs,

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