Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Good Afternoon - another day when my intention was to Blog in the morning and here it is almost evening and I am just getting to it.   I have achieved much today in small ways.    I spent a long time on the telephone to my daughters and a friend and that helped the morning along very nicely and quickly.

I have changed table cloths and now gone for ordinary every day ones and I am slowly sorting through my Christmas things and packing them away in a systematic way so that in about 10 months when I start to get ready for Christmas 2015 I will have them sorted in boxes in colour themes ready for using.    Yes - I have "TINSELITIS' and spend much of the year planning and organizing things to have them matching and colour coordinated.

Of course the very first thing to decide is the colour scheme and this year I have decided to have GOLD AND SILVER with a touch of either red or purple.
This will be easy because I already have both the red and purple tablecloths and quite a selection of gold and silver tree decorations.   I have ordered the table napkins in gold and silver and have ordered and received a roll each of gold and silver tulle which will be lovely for bows and for decoration.

I am making memories for my family and I hope in years to come they will talk about the "Christmas when Mum chose purple"  I am making memories for me too - these will warm me when I am old and will feed my soul.

We often put so much into making memories for our children only to find they have no recollection of the event - but when that happens I KNOW and I REMEMBER and there is a warmth in recalling their happiness at the time. "All that we love deeply becomes part of us."

We had a lovely Christmas with Grace 10 and Henry 7 and their delight spread to everyone and there was laughter and deep and meaningful conversations between adults and children.

Naomi and Grace

I am sure these two will long remember the conversations and laughter.   It is rather nice when the family gathers and the numbers are large, when there is laughter and conversation, to just sit back and observe and soak in the memories.

Are you making memories with those you love ?    Do you write letters to the little ones in your life who live some distance from you, or do you make time to Skype with them.  Do you cook with them or play with Play Doh, do you play games with them?    I am sure you cook the things they like to eat and buy things in their favourite colour.   Keep on making memories with the little ones but please don't forget to revisit memories with those who are older.
A cup of tea and a conversation with an older soul can bring such joy to them.

Write the letter, make the phone call, splash in puddles, walk in the rain - make every moment count - turn every moment into a memory.

Take some time every day to play and to be a little silly - everyone needs that someone to be silly with.

Keep on playing, keep on laughing and loving and keep on making those memories.

Thank you for visiting The Musings of My Heart - a happy heart today.
Be warm, be safe and be loved.

Love and hugs,


Margee said...

Hi, Linda, I enjoyed your blog today. As I have been diagnosed with a Liver disease, memories become so important! Thanks for sharing.😊

Ricky Oliveira said...

Hi Linda. I enjoyed this very much. I try to make memories ever since I had my transplant 11 years ago this month. I want my family to remember me in cute funny silly ways. My grandchildren are all under 3 1/2 (all 5 of them) and when they see me they run to me. I hope they remember that they love me and the same with my children. Thank you for sharing this, it gave me more to think about to be merry and silly and be happy.

Ricky Oliveira said...

great memory