Sunday, March 8, 2015


Good afternoon from a very pretty day in Adelaide - sun is shining and the sky is blue and the temperature is deliciously moderate - a beautiful autumnal day.

On this International Women's Day I am thankful to those women who have gone before me and claimed many victories on behalf of all women.

This is the flag of the Women's Movement and the colours have significant meaning:

Green - Give. White - Women the Violet - Vote

"Give Women the Vote"

I have actively encouraged my children to register to vote and to claim their birthright on voting days and they do this willingly and happily.   They are daughters of a Woman of the Second Wave.  

We have come such a long way in most areas of our lives - we have women in Politics, Business, Diplomacy, Academia, Education and yet we still have much further to go.

The above six women have left their mark over recent years.

Julie Bishop - Currently Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs
Anna Bligh - First Female Premier of Queensland
Dame Quentin Bryce - First female Governor General of Australia
Dr. Catherine Hamlin - surgeon 
Julia Gillard - First Female Prime Minister of Australia
Tanya Plibersek - Federal Member for Sydney

We are very lucky to have these women active in our world.

This beautiful young woman is Malala Yousafzai who is blazing a trail for the education of girls throughout the world and in particular in her beloved Swat Valley of Pakistan and following in the footsteps of Benazir Bhutto who was assasinated.   Malala wore a shawl belonging to Benazir when she addressed the United Nations.

Be proud to be a woman and be thankful for those who have gone before, be proud of those who struggle and encourage those who are yet to come on for the cause of women.

There are so many issues where there is work to be done - equal pay,child care, education, domestic violence issues and I am thankful too to the men of this world who support and encourage the striving of women.

Am I a Feminist ? - Hell Yeah  !!

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart thankful and encouraged for the cause of women generally - there is still much to be done - don't give up the cause and be sure to pass the baton to your daughters.

Love and hugs,

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Margee said...

Hi Linda,
I support your feelings of equality for woman!
Thank you for sharing!��
Hugs, Margee xx