Friday, June 18, 2010

I just received this in my email and wanted to share it with you in the knowledge that


Please enjoy this.

Love and hugs.



Tootypup said...

Hi there Linda
Just the PUP here taking a look around your bloggie. I can see someone we both know has been very busy here.....LOL..... wow it is looking awesome. You have a great day there sweetie. Take care of you.
Hugs from the PUP

Linda said...

Awww Susan - thanks for stopping by - I am better each day and starting to get back into the swing of things and yes someone we both know has been very busy - and very supportive. I have wanted to blog for a while - but was not well enough and now look how far I have come.

Take care and be warm and safe.

cheryl.gail said...

Hi Linda, awesome film. the dancing in the rain quote is my favourite. I have it on my wall and work. Looking forward to following your journey in blogland