Monday, June 14, 2010

My first blog post!

Hi there,

This is all very new to me so I am bound to mess up sometime soon.

I am doing very well health wise and now feel able to sit at the pc for longer and enjoy some of the things it can offer.

My days are happy and I am learning that there is a world out there to which I can belong.

I am walking for about half an hour each morning first thing - this morning I thought my nose and ears were going to drop off it was so cold. It is a great feeling considering I wan't able to walk to the front gate without a rest before I came back.

I have managed a trip interstate (Queensland and New South Wales) and kept up with the friends I travelled with and managed some retail therapy up there. and I have had three weeks without a medical appointment - next week they start again with blood tests on Tuesday 22nd. June, then on Wednesday Dermatologist and Friday 25th. back to the Liver Clinic and my Specialist.

I go back into hospital to have the stent changed on 12th. August just for overnight but that isn't hard to deal with.

I am alive and well and grateful for every new day.

Until next time.

Love and hugs, Linda

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Aletha said...

i am happy to see that you are going to do this. Also very happy that you are doing so well Sweet Linda. Love You