Friday, July 2, 2010

Brrrrrrrr it was cold in Adelaide this morning, however it didn't stop me being at the Hospital very early to have blood tests.

Seems I must have been there lots of times - the nurse not only knows my name but also my date of birth. The results of the test will be emailed to Flinders and if there is a problem I will get a phone call.

The hospital where I have bloods taken is called The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Coffee Shop is "Lizzy's" so from the blood room it was straight to Lizzy's for an early morning coffee - one of the best around. I go there so often they often ask if I am on Staff and some girls give me staff discount anyway.

Spent a lovely time talking to an elderly gentleman - a special time with someone who was a friend for just a few moments of my day.

Then off to work to join my friends for breakfast - a lovely and special time for them to wind up the working week and for me to keep in touch with them all. Betty cooked today - her speciality "Betty's Meatballs" - it was lovely. Well done Betty - Go Girl Go.

Then I did some shopping and home again - a good morning. Will post a message if I hear anything about the blood tests.

Love and hugs,

"Some blessings - like rainbows after rain or a friend's listening
ear - are extraordinary gifts waiting to be discovered
in an ordinary day."

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Megan said...

So good to hear you had a wonderful day, that you are keeping so well, and to have had a little chat today!

Much love xoxoxo