Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Afternoon - Tuesday 20th. July

On this day in 1969 the world held it's breath as we witnessed the first landing of man on the moon - where have those years gone?   Do you remember what you were doing that day?   I do - I was working and watching a television that someone had brought into work.   Not much achieved that afternoon as we wondered at the marvel of space travel.

Since Sunday we have had lots of rain but today the sun is shining and a much gentler wind is blowing.  The damp earth smells lovely and how nice it is to snuggle into a warm bed at days end.

I am doing well and this morning had a hairdressers appointment and my hairdresser was very pleased to report that there is a lot of new hair growth around my crown - which means that although my hair is currently very thin and short - it is coming back.  Hip Hip Hooray!!!    My finger nails are very much on the improve too although my toe nails are joining the party and coming off now.
They too will grow again and not a really big price to pay for being here - these are just complications from the Stevens Johnson Syndrome and some of the medication I have to take.  So a big smile from me.

When the finger nails were in the process of falling off it was difficult to do lots of very simple things - such as opening plastic bags at the Supermarket, washing my hair (as the hair would get caught under the nails and hurt like crazy or pull the nail off) and even picking things up has been difficult. I am hoping that by Christmas time they will be presentable enough for me to paint them RED in celebration and just because I can.

So there you have it - the latest update on me - another positive report - lovely baby hair growing to match my new skin.

Take care, be warm or cool (depending where you are) and be happy.

Love and hugs,

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