Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Morning - middle of the week again - my how the time moves on.

Stayed in bed and stayed warmer a little long this morning, so was a little later walking and it is amazing the difference in the world in just three quarters of an hour.  The traffic was heavier, the sun higher, men were working on building sites and the Local Council workers were cutting the grass, trimming the edges and generally making a noise with their tools.  It all looks great when they have finished and it was good to see them doing their job when so many people do not have work.

Cooked dinner for family and friends last night - we have for many years had dinner together on a Wednesday night - "come when and if you can and leave when you must".  Since early 2009 I am afraid cooking has been a bit beyond me and others have stepped up to the bar either bringing something they have prepared at home or indulging us with a take out meal.  There are times when we go out to dinner too. Years ago there used to be up to 16 of us and they were noisy busy nights but lovely nights.   Now with the changes that life has brought to so many - my own kids grown and left home etc. and busy with their work commitments etc. - most weeks we are down to 3, but we maintain the tradition.  One of my girls said that wherever she is in the world, she knows that on Wednesday evenings her family gathers together, so for me that is a great incentive to keep up doing it.

Dinner last night was a wonderful winter warm food night - I cooked roast lamb, potatoes, pumpkin,carrot, parsnip, cauliflower/broccoli (with cheese sauce) and peas.  Then a sticky date pudding with cream or custard.  It was lovely and I am grateful I am able to do it again - another step forward.

I have new glasses and of course - you guessed it they are pink and I am very happy with them.

No other news- day off to a good start - I have walked, had breakfast and now about to take my medication (which is almost like a second breakfast).

Wherever you are in the world I wish you a pleasant day/night and when bed time comes for you sleep warm and well and sweet sweet dreams be yours.

Love and hugs,

"Friendships, family ties, the companionship of little children...the intricate design and haunting fragrance of a flower...the fluted note of a bird song, the glowing glory of a sunset: the world is aflame with things of eternal moment.

E. Margaret Clarkson

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