Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday afternoon - my how the days fly by.
Sunny and windy today and just beautiful although still cold.  Today has almost the feel of an early spring day.

An early start for me today off to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital for blood tests prior to appointment with Specialist on Friday afternoon.  Gosh the girls there are  absolutely wonderful - they never have trouble in getting blood from me and I don't have bruises.   I have very poor veins and most people seem to find it difficult to find a vein and collect a sample.   I must have been going there so often not only do they know my name but they also know my date of birth without even looking.  

I have done the cryptic crossword puzzle with a friend and laughed a lot, which is great for morale and tonight I am out to dinner - sure beats cooking and washing up.  It will be cold out but not in the car or the restaurant so it will be worth going.

I saw and watched a beautiful full moon overnight and it stirred my soul - there is beauty all around us day and night.  I love the dark sky when it is studded with diamonds and the moon casts her spell over a sleeping world.

Please enjoy our beautiful world and care for it when you can.

Love and hugs,

Wonder in everything
No matter how great or small...
Same thing that's scrawled across the stars
Is written under our skin...
There's a time to search for understanding
Sometimes you just got to sing
New horizons, new horizon within
David Gray

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Megan said...

Sounds like a lovely day, Linda!!!

*gentle hugs*