Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another grey winter day in Adelaide - no rain but a cold wind which is too lazy to go round me - it goes straight through,  Brrrrr.

Today is Tuesday - an ordinary day - and how I love ordinary days, when there is no pressure, no rush, and time to stop and catch breath from the troubles of the world.   I wish you an "ordinary day"  - a day when stress is at it's smallest, smiles are all around you, the coffee is hot and refreshing, the traffic is calm and your work brings you satisfaction.

I wish you a sunny day, a star studded sky at night, sunbeams and moonbeams, a gentle breeze and a flower strewn pathway.

I am doing fine and just relishing the joy of being alive.

Love and hugs,

"I wish for you a sunbeam to warm you 
A moonbeam to charm you
A sheltering angel so nothing can harm you."

Below is something I wrote in 2002 



For the times you have given me
For the joy and laughter you often bring.
The times when you let me be
The times when you make by heart sing.


For sharing the dreams of mine
For allowing me to build castles in the sky
The times when your encouragement
Sets me free and lets me fly.


For lifting me up when I fall
For putting the pieces back together again
The times when I need  to feel safe
When you shelter me from rain.


For the love and friendship true
The smiles, the laughter the tears
For listening to my worries
And trying to calm my fears.

For all that this friendship means
Your trust and your faith in me.
Thank you for just being who you are
And for allowing me to be me.

© Linda J. Vaughan

5th. July 2002

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Megan said...

*hugs* thinking of you!