Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wet Wet Wet Wednesday - it has rained for most of the night and right up to now (three in the afternoon) - just steady soaking rain without the wind.

It reminded me of of the Dr. Seuss book:

"I wish that I had duck feet"

It also reminded me of the times when I would spend wet afternoons reading with my children - these times were so special and hold special places in my memory.   

So too do the times when I have woken them from sleep, wrapped them in blankets and given them hot chocolate - and then together we would sit at the window and watch a storm.   Both of them love thunder storms and both also remember those times.

The sky is a bit brighter now and I think the rain is easing but the ground is beautiful brown and wet. 

I love the changing of the seasons and I noticed over the past few days and that days are lighter later and that we have indeed passed mid-winter.

To those of you in summertime - I hope you can find somewhere cool,and a refreshing cold drink - for those of us "down under" keep warm and safe.

Love and hugs,

 Someday many years from now
We'll sit beside the candles glow
Exchanging tales about our past
And laughing as the memories flow
And when that distant day arrives
I know it will be understood
That friendship is the key to live
And we were friends and it was good. 

 Eileen Hehl

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