Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Afternoon on Friday - all well here on another cold and grey winter day.

The end of the working week and I am sure I hear lots of you say "Hooray" - it does get tough working and trying to do all the necessary things and leaving a little time to do some things that feed our souls.

Please try to find just a little time this weekend for "just you" - a long bubble bath, nice coffee and a good book, a walk in the park.Perhaps a drive in the country where there are no traffic lights or congestion on the roads.  For those in summer perhaps a picnic at the beach - anything that will bring you joy.  You will return to those things you "have" to do in a much better frame of mind. I am not up to long drives yet but I may try to take my book and sit in my car beside the river - if it is sunny I may even be able to sit on the riverbank.

Weekends here tend to be taken up by lots of sport (local and national) so that should please some and lots of people like to meet for coffee or shopping trips.  However you spend your weekend - make it count and enjoy.

I had a busy morning - blood tests really early, then I put petrol in the car (seeing as the warning light was on) and then had breakfast again with the team at work.  Did some grocery shopping and checked the mail.
What a beautiful "ordinary" day.

Take care and be loved,

Love and hugs,

 "There are flowers everywhere, for those who bother to look.”

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