Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Morning - I am sharing with you a poem I wrote in 2008 about winter and which I found again this morning while doing a clean up of my external hard drive.  Nothing has changed - winter is still the same and so too is the joy I find in our beautiful world. Please enjoy.

Another winter morning
Another winter day,
The clouds and gloom surround me
As I go about my day.

A watery sun is trying to shine
The wind is cold and chill,
Mother Nature dancing
Expressing her free will.

The trees have shed their leaves
And grey clouds fill my sky,
The river rushes toward the sea
And I am left to wonder why.

Along the river bank is muddy,
And cold and wet dark earth,
But underneath the spring is waiting
For the time of her re-birth.

Each season of our climate
Has reason for it’s time,
Rather like my life indeed,
The seasons all are mine.

Looking back across the years
I see the spring filled hours
When life itself was full of hope
And love and joy were ours.

I see the busy child filled summer days
That soon would come and go,
The autumn years were busy too,
As we helped them advance and grow.

Now that the children are established
And happy days are theirs,
I often walk down memory’s path
And remember the pain and cares.

They say with the winter season
Comes wisdom and days fulfilled,
Or am I still the young girl at heart
Strong, feisty and self willed?

Looking back across the seasons
I see the blessings of the years,
The happy days; the tear filled ones,
And those I filled with fears.

Another winter morning
Another winter day,
And I count my blessings
As I go on my way.

© Linda J. Vaughan
14th. July 2008

Whatever you are doing be it daytime/evening or night and hot or cold in your little corner of the world - find joy and peace - and be safe.

Love and hugs,

"If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"

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