Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Morning on a very wintery day here in Adelaide.  Wet Wet Wet and so very windy.  We have possible thunder storms forecast for this afternoon and when I finish here I am off to make some soup.  I have driven my car today and done some shopping early and I think that by doing that I avoided any crowds and also heavy rain.  I did get diverted on the route to the shops because of a vehicle accident - not a good start to the weekend for those folk.  Police, ambulance and fire brigade were all in attendance. No matter how bad the weather it doesn't seem to stop a crowd from gathering though.

I have another quiet weekend planned and that suits me fine, as I am still a little sore and probably shouldn't be doing too much.   Best excuse I can find for sitting with a good book and a good coffee too.

Henry and Grace are in town with their parents just for a couple of nights so I did pop in to see them at breakfast time and they are well and happy.
  I swear they have grown in the last fortnight.

I am doing fine and even though the skies are very grey I can still find joy in so many things. 

Take care if you are travelling - find shelter from the sun if it is your summer time and for us Aussies - please keep warm.

Love and hugs,

"A great book should leave you with many experiences and slightly exhausted at the end. You should live several lives while reading it."


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Megan said...

I'll send some sunshine and love your wy!