Sunday, August 1, 2010

It is Sunday Morning in my world and the storm did come - at midnight the thunder was so loud overhead the house shook and the windows rattled.  This was, of course accompanied by heavy rain.   I just snuggled down in my bed and gave thanks for such mercies as being warm and having such shelter from the storm.  This morning we still have a strong wind blowing but with a few showers and some sunshine.  Fickle winter weather indeed.

They did have a wonderful time at "Tomato Zoo"  (a direct quote from Henry - of course me means Monarto Zoo.  He was very impressed with the Meer Cats and Grace was thoroughly bewitched by the Giraffes.  Apparently it was very cold but the rain kept off and Henry fell asleep coming home in the car and didn't wake until 7.30.this morning and boy was he hungry then.

I must be feeling better because I have just baked chocolate chip muffins - something I haven't done for a very long time.  I know some of my kids are calling in today so it will be nice to have the muffins with coffee or tea.  It smells lovely now with the warm chocolate smell.

Truly it is the little things that count and make life sweet - raindrops on a rose, warm sweet kitchen smells, a good book, a great coffee - so many of them.  Count the little things in your life that make it sweet and special - you will be surprised at how many little things there are.

Have a wonderful sleep if it is bedtime in your world, and a wonderful Sunday when it dawns for you.

Love and hugs,

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Aletha said...

Oh Linda nice I love when you write