Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome to Sunday morning - another cold day but that's what you get in winter and soon - all too soon it will be too hot etc. etc.

Not a good sleeping night last night and as normal I did some reading and then some thinking as I lay there waiting for sleep to come.

I was suddenly very aware that at some time every day my thoughts turn to the wonderful person who donated a liver thus enabling me to live.  Most of my writing is done here at the computer, but last night I sat on the edge of my bed and wrote the following, which I share with love.


Some time in each and every day
No matter what I say or do,
There comes that quiet moment
When my thoughts turn to you.

I never ever met you
And yet I know you well,
Your courage and your kindness
In spite of the fate you befell.

Your family must have loved you dearly,
For they allowed your wishes to be
They stepped forward and signed the papers
And you gave the gift of life to me.

At a time when their hearts were breaking
They heeded your clear request,
Part of you was implanted in me ~
What a wonderful bequest.

A part of you lives on in me
And allows me to see the sun.
I celebrate the new life I have
And see it as a battle won.

I find new joy in little things ~
The beauty all around,
The sun, the moon the autumn leaves,
The friendships I have found.

The days move on and I cherish so much
And no matter where or what I do,
There comes that quiet moment
When my thoughts turn to you.

© Linda J. Vaughan
Sunday August 8th. 2010

My writing has been very scarce over the last 20 months, but I finally feel as though I am making a breakthrough and that I may be able to write again. 
I sure hope so as it is such an important part of me and something which brings pleasure and contentment to me.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday - I know I shall.

Love and hugs,

"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want,
 but the realization of how much you already have."


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