Saturday, August 28, 2010

Well here it is Saturday afternoon for me - I thought it was going to be a lovely day but the sky is grey - but on a positive note there is no wind and no rain.

I did my grocery shopping early (to avoid the crowd and avoid screaming kids) well that only partly worked.  No crowd but my heart did go out to a Dad trying to do grocery shopping with two kids,  Boy about 10 and a girl about 5.  This little Miss was determined to ruin her Father's Day and everyone else's around too as she whinged and whined for things all the time and then of course came the tears and the shouting when Dad confirmed what I heard him say as they entered the store  "you can have one thing and that's all".   Dad remained cool and calm - I would have put the kid in the Freezer section and collected her on the way out (maybe).  I did admire him for the continuity and quiet way he handled her mood.  Well done to this Dad.

Speaking of Dads - Father's Day is coming up in Australia on Sunday 5th. September and it is a lovely time to remember the special things that the men in our lives have done as Fathers. 

Yesterday 27th. August was seven years since my own Dad died and I miss him everyday in many many ways.   I miss the discussion and debate we always had - how he would have loved to talk about our current Electoral situation and how certain he would have been about his opinion.   He taught me to discuss and debate and often we did nothing but agree to disagree, but those times were special.   How I would love to be able to sit down with a nice coffee and talk things over with him.  But he pulled anchor and sailed for the distant shore seven years ago and I am proud that he was my Dad.  In a strange way (even though I would love him to be here) it kind of pleases me that he isn't here to see me go through this illness - it would have broken his heart to see his "little girl" so ill.   His name was  Thomas Edward and I called him Edward and was always "Edward's Girl."

Below is something I wrote a few weeks after his death.


Memory is often kind
And my heart remembers  well
The little things you said and did,
The funny tales you’d tell.

There are so many things
Which bring you close to mind ~
A song you used to sing
And something that I find.

The quiet space, the silence,
That empty lonely chair
All these things remind me
That your are no longer here.

A piece of music oft remembered
Which stirs the heart when heard,
I just hope you really knew
How very much I cared.

I knew that I would miss you ~
Your proud and stubborn ways,
Your arguments and banter
Brought interest to my days.

I miss you very often
When life gets in a whirl
But I am very pleased indeed
That I was Edward’s girl.

© Linda J.Vaughan
October 3rd. 2003

Today I am a little sore and glad to be spending the day quietly.  I have done the cryptic crossword with a friend and have a book to read during the afternoon.  My sleep was restless but I was in my own little bed and comfortable and warm.

It was Daffodil Day yesterday too ~ a time to remember all those families who have been touched by Cancer and although I missed it, I was able to buy my flowers and pen this morning at the shops.  The daffodil (as most of you probably recall) is my favourite flower and I always welcome any sight of it.

We in Australia are well into our weekend - and I hope the weather is kind for you wherever you are - to my friends who are travelling  "on the wallaby" I hope the rain clears for you Janis and Alan.   Nice for all the Saturday brides here in Adelaide that there is no rain.  To my northern hemisphere friends - I wish you a wonderful late summer weekend when it finally gets here for you.

To you all I offer my thanks for your care and support of me.  It hasn't been an easy road, but it is one I never walked alone.

Be warm/cool and safe.

Love and hugs,

"For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils." 

William Wordsworth 

Take a peep at this below and hear Jeremy Irons recite Wordsworth's poem and view the daffodils.

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