Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Afternoon on another lovely day here in Adelaide.  It is cool and a little overcast but again no wind and no rain.

I did benefit from getting off to sleep early last night - and went off to my Hairdressers appointment before nine this morning.  The journey is straight down Marion road with a turnoff just before Anzac Highway.  Well - I could not have been concentrating too well because I was about four kms. further down Marion Road when I realized - ooops I should have turned ages ago.  Back we go - some confusion with my appointment - but it was okay.

I then did some shopping at a local supermarket and all went well until I got back to the car to put the shopping in the boot - ooops again - shopping still on the checkout - back we go again.

Oh boy I don't know if that's a sign of age, fatigue or just me with my head in the clouds again.  It really made me smile - no harm done.

It is always nice to see the girls at the Hairdressers and to hear that my hair is much healthier than it has been and that I look great.  BIG SMILE HERE.

It has been a busy week for me with something on each morning early, which has meant an early start out of bed and no walking either.  I shall get back into routine again very soon and with the advent of Daylight Saving effective this weekend I may even walk in the evening.

I have been networking with Transplant recipients from all over the world - Kidney, Heart and or Lungs, Pancreas, Liver etc. and it is wonderful to be able to share the journey that each of us has taken and to support each other.  They are such positive people who know very well how to value their bonus days and who all clearly acknowledge the valuable gift they have been given.

The Transplant Games take place in Canberra 2 - 10 October  so there will be a gathering of recipients in the National Capital who will be taking part in events and doing so well.

This is also combined with Floriade ( spring flower festival) and here are some details from the Canberra Times this morning:

Organ recipients celebrate at Floriade

20 Sep, 2010 08:52 AM
Thousands of visitors took advantage of Canberra's beautiful spring weather to visit Floriade yesterday.Among them were people who have had a second chance at life after receiving an organ or bone marrow transplant.
A small garden at Floriade allows those who have received a transplant to thank those close to them.
Chief executive officer of Transplant Australia, Chris Thomas, said the organisation's Donate Life Thank You Garden allowed the survivors to thank their donors, their families and the surgeons that made their transplants possible.
''Transplantation doesn't exist without the generous gift from an organ donor and it's a complex medical procedure that involves many people,'' Mr Thomas said.
''It's a beautiful symbolic gesture from transplant recipients from across Australia in this wonderful living garden to thank everybody who made the gift of life possible.''
The Australian Transplant Games, which promote an active and healthy life in transplant survivors, start next month in Canberra.
Mr Thomas said it was a celebration of life and an opportunity for transplant recipients to measure their own rehabilitation and health and well being.
''These people have been at death's door,'' he said.
There are 60 thank you cards currently in the garden and Mr Thomas said during the Games the messages of thanks would continue to grow.

My card of thanks to my Donor Family is in that Garden and that makes me proud to be involved.

Life has indeed changed for me in so many ways and I am still learning to live within the limitations - but there are so many nice things happening to me - people who say I look well, my Hairdresser this morning said I "looked at peace" another total stranger told me I look radiant and those nice things sure beat being told" Gosh you look awful."

I am at peace - I feel for the first time in many years that I am "at home with myself"  I like who I am and that does bring a sense of peace.  I am going to live whatever time I have been given with a sense of gratitude, humility and peace.  Each day brings it's blessings and I try to see things as challenges and not problems.  I have become more pensive and wistful and feel that I am ready to start writing again.

I do have so much to be thankful for - hey - I"m alive and that's one very big bonus.

Hope you are all well and finding joy in your lives. I wish you a quiet few minutes where you can feed your soul, enjoy some pages of your book or just sit down with a loved one and relish the silence as you share a drink.

Have a wonderful day/evening or night wherever you are in this beautiful world.

Love and hugs,

"Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you." 

Marsha Norman 

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