Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Morning and welcome to Friday - and it's the weekend again.  A long holiday weekend for us in South Australia and a special weekend for many people.  Nick and Rebecca have their last weekend in London and Naomi is in flight now to Melbourne for the weekend.  Me - I have a long list of things I want to do - I doubt that lots of them will get done but you have to plan these things. I have birthday DVDs to watch, an outdoor setting which needs painting, a new sewing machine I want to try out and lots of other things.   

The weather here in Adelaide for the weekend is forecast to be lovely - 25 degrees - now why couldn't summer be like that ?  Glorious days and nights cool for sleeping.

All is well with me - medication taken and breakfast over and home from a trip to the airport and then the Post Office to mail an assignment for Naomi.

Most of you are aware that I lost all my finger nails due to Stephens-Johnson Syndrome - well they are all back and in need of a trim and that brings me joy because it was difficult as they would catch on things and didn't look nice - I was embarrassed and uncomfortable with them.

Now my toenails have decided to join the party so this morning I painted them pink - what a surprise - they are not the most glamorous toes but then no-one gets close enough to my toes to really matter - it is just a bright spot in my day and because I don't have to have surgery for six months therefore I can paint my nails.  Will have a "manicure evening" tonight.  No comments please about a "painted tainted rose".  

We have a repeat of the Australian Football League Grand Final on this Saturday - so am joining friends for lunch and to watch the game.

Come On The Saints!

Whatever you do, however you spend your weekend may there be some sunshine for you, some music, laughter, the kindness and care of friends and family.   A good book to read, a walk by a river or ocean - may life be kind and good for you.

Love and hugs,

"I’ve been thinking Hobbes"
" On a weekend?"     
"Well, it wasn’t on purpose."

Calvin & Hobbes


Diane said...

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy painting those nails:)

Hugs From Me
Diane Louise

Linda said...

Thanks Diane - I certainly will - you enjoy your weekend too - bet the weather is lovely - Autumn is my favourite season.