Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Morning and here we are again at the end of another weekend!

A little grey this morning here in Adelaide, but the promise of a few sunny days ahead is a nice thought.

Visit to Flinders went well yesterday and I am to receive a phone call this afternoon from Liver Transplant Coordinator with details of what to do about my medication. She came down to Pre Admission and spoke with me and intends to discuss things with my Doctor today - isn't she great ?

I saw all the usual Doctors etc. etc. and the Anaesthetist was wonderful - he apparently had been on duty during some of my theatre visits for Stephens Johnson dressing changes and was delighted to see me looking so well.  Had a lovely chat to the Pharmacist too - it is like going home.  The staff are wonderful and always make me feel so welcome.

So all is set for my E.R.C.P. next Thursday and I am holding on to the hope that a metal stent will be inserted giving me longer between hospital stays.

I am off in a few moments to visit my friends at work and have breakfast with them - it is a special time and I really miss their company - but at the moment I am just too unreliable to make the commitment to go back to work regularly.  I value the fact that I am able to visit and enjoy the friendship and fellowship.

Well there you have another week of my life -I know it isn't exciting in many ways, but to me it is wonderful just being alive and so much better in health.

Whoever you were, wherever you are - my donor - I honor you.

Take special care of special you and enjoy this last day of the working week and anticipate lovely things for the weekend.

Love and hugs,

"Be honorable yourself if you wish to associate with honorable people".


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