Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good Morning and welcome to Saturday and the weekend.  I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by - 98 days to Christmas (not that I'm counting or anything like that.)

Grey sky here this morning but no wind and no rain - a nice day.

All is well here and life is good for me.  I am still having dizzy spells but spoke to Nicole from the Liver Transplant Coordinators yesterday and Dr. wants me to persist with the increased medication, but to get in touch if things get worse. I have been warned to be very careful getting up and to not do that quickly.
This is fine - they will check things again next Thursday when I go back in for the ERCP and any changes in medication can be implemented then.

Apart from that - things are fine.  Another day, another sunrise and I have had 262 of those since transplant and each one has been the promise of a better life. There were a quite a few days for me when the sun didn't shine and I had everyone very worried - but today I live and am.

Have several friends who are struggling and my heart and thoughts go out to them - Rella B. I know how hard life is for you at the moment as you struggle to cope with your grief and added ill health certainly isn't helping.  You are loved and cared for - keep me informed as to how things are going please.

Rebecca and Nick were headed from Bath into London yesterday and will be enjoying it and gathering more books to freight home.

Enjoy a peaceful sleep if it is nighttime for you and when the weekend dawns - hold out your arms to a new and beautiful day in a beautiful world.

To those already enjoying their weekend - have fun, laugh and be happy.

Love and hugs,

"Sometimes I want to shout to the whole world how lucky I am to have you as my friend but sometimes I want to hush. afraid that somebody might take you away from me." 


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