Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to a calm, peaceful and pensive Sunday morning in this City of Churches.  The sky is blue and there is a calm that only a Sunday morning can bring.

All is well for me - I am still a little dizzy but coping with that.  Didn't sleep well - I was up changing the linen on the bed at 12.45.a.m. and then having a shower - all this to entice sleep to be my companion and it must have worked.  After reading for a while I went to sleep and didn't wake until 6.30.a.m. - not a terrible night - I have had better but I have also had much worse.  The best nights sleep I have had in years were the three nights I spent in Murwillumbah in May - I slept all night.  I guess the flight and travel must have tired me out.  They were good nights sleep in the lovely home of friends.  

I travelled with friends who took very good care of me and were very aware that I didn't overdo it .  Thank you Ilona and Diane and while there I had other guardian angels watching out for me - Thank you Narelle and Mary.

It was so special to be able to travel at that time - to be there for my friends at their time of loss.  It was a sad time, but it was also a reconnection with friends and for me a reconnection with the world.

I am off to take my tablets and then take it easy for a while - in case the blood pressure tablets cause more wobbles.  It is a problem but not one that can't be overcome and dealt with.

A text message from London - Rebecca and Nick were at a Map Exhibition at the British Museum and were having a great time.  They were also pleased to know which teams will play in our Australian Football League Grand Final next Saturday.  Saint Kilda and Collingwood will play at the M.C.G. and another text from Rebecca "Go the Saints."

Isn't the technology wonderful - it allows short messages through in a matter of a few minutes - I love it all.  

I have laundry on the line drying and some television to watch - so I am on my way to enjoy my Sunday - be sure that you enjoy yours too and stay safe and happy.

Love and hugs,

"Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." 

Mother Teresa 


Aletha said...

I hope that your Sunday was a peacfull one. it is raining here by me in the states, got together with some of my family nice saturday evening.

Linda said...

Family times are very special - glad you enjoyed yourself. Sunny here but a cold wind blowing. Take care. xxxx