Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good Morning

 Thursday morning here in Australia and it has rained and stormed overnight.  The thunder was very loud and the lightening spectacular, but this morning the sky seems brighter and from where I sit I can see some sun shining.  This is typical spring weather with no guarantee that however the day starts out will continue.   We can have all four seasons in one day.

Rebecca and Nick got away okay and are now about seven hours flying time out of London.  It is a long and tiring journey but they are young and will cope well.  Nick's conference doesn't start until Monday so they will be fine.

Went out to dinner last night and had a lovely chicken meal with a mustard sauce and bok choy.  It was really nice.  By the time I crawled into bed at about 9.00 last night I was soooo tired and thought I may stay in bed all day today.  But hey - the sun is shining and a whole new day awaits me.

When I started my car yesterday it was very sluggish and slow - and I figured that the battery hadn't been changed since new (five and a half years) so once it was started I didn't turn it off but drove just down the road to a Battery place and had it replaced - I filled with petrol too.  So now I am ready to go somewhere.     No long car journeys for me at the moment - I get too tired.

I don't normally dream - but last night I seemed to have been dreaming all night long.   Strange and disjointed dreams about people I haven't seen for a very long time and a trip to hospital - it was very mixed up indeed.  Dreams can be very disturbing - but I have decided to just forget this one. 

Tomorrow is my Clinic appointment at Flinders and I want to talk to my specialist about a few things and my blood results should be there by now.  If there was a problem I would have heard by now.

I have some housework to do and some laundry too so I guess I should get off this computer and get started - the hours can soon fly by.

However you spend your day/night - enjoy what you do and travel safely.

Love and hugs,

"My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance." 


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