Friday, September 10, 2010

Hi there and welcome to Friday - another week gone and where did it go ?

Friday morning in my little corner of the world has dawned sunny but very damp from overnight rain.  The sky is blue with just a few wispy clouds around.  We are promised a weekend with weather similar to today's and then another wet series of days.

News on the radio this morning is that the Murray Mouth (where the Murray River meets the sea) will have it's first full flushing in over a decade.  So the floods in Victoria are gushing on their way to us.  The Lower Lakes have been almost dry so this is indeed a blessing.

I have been to the shops and done my grocery shopping early this morning - no crowds and a much easier time for me.  I have been awake since really early after a reasonable night, so why not get it done early.

I am off to Flinders this afternoon and will post and let you know how I get on - I am not anticipating any problems but I get unsettled cause there is no certainty until I see the Specialist and get the results of my blood tests.

Yesterday afternoon we received a text message from Nick saying that they had arrived in London, were on the tube and on the way to catch the train to Oxford. So by now they will have arrived there and be settled in bed and probably (hopefully) fast asleep.  This gives them three full days before Nick's conference and then their holiday can begin.

So as you can see all is calm here in Adelaide and I shall go and do some things before settling down to do a cryptic crossword puzzle with a friend and then going to Flinders.   I seem to have the whole day organised.

Until next time - be safe and enjoy your day/evening and when night time comes for you - I wish you a calm and peaceful sleep and sweet sweet dreams be yours.

Love and hugs,

"There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy."

Ralph H. Blum

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