Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to Monday in the southern hemisphere and Mother Nature is at her fickle best - after a glorious day yesterday - we have cloud and grey skies and the promise of a thunder storm this afternoon.

I am tired today - so staying home and having a quiet day - I am learning at last to listen to my body and to hear what it is saying.  I get restless and want to get up and go - but today is an "at home" day.  

I have done some very basic things this morning - changed the tablecloth and replaced it with a crocheted lace one, done some dishes and decided against the washing because of the promise of rain.

Our news bulletins are full of the new Cabinet for the new Government and it is interesting to see the changes - change is good and I will watch and see how it all pans out.

Our Royal Show is over for another year and I am sure the numbers are down this year due to bad weather - some children will start saving now for the next show.
I am sure the main arena was a quagmire with all the equestrian events and that some of the Show Jumping would have been interesting and a little dangerous.  I really miss sitting in the Grandstand and watching the jumping - maybe next year.

Message from Rebecca "beautiful Sunday Morning - all the Oxford bells are ringing."  How I wish I could be there to hear them and to see the start of Autumn in England - but she is my eyes and ears and I will enjoy seeing their photographs when they get home.  It is amazing to think that they have been gone five days already and Monday morning sees the start of Nick's conference.

Not much more news from a quiet City of Adelaide so I wish you all a great week as you start the working/school/study week.  Take care and be safe.

Love and hugs,

"Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response." 

 Mildred Barthel.

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