Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome to Wednesday in my fair City - the day half gone, taking the sunshine with it and leaving grey skies, but it is warm and pleasant.

I have had a relatively quiet day, although I have been out and about and taken a pc in the Technician and it looks as though it needs a new power pack (I think I could use one of those at times.)  It will be ready for me to collect tomorrow so I will have a back up so I shan't lose touch with you all.  A nice feeling.

I am filled with Wednesday wonder as I think about the little foal born on Saturday and delivered by my friend Annette.  This little one is merely four days old and up on her feet and making her way - babies take much longer than that - I think they like being carried around.

I have a picture of Annette's baby to share with you - I shall try to find out her name:

Isn't she gorgeous?

Another lovely picture to share today is one I received from Melinda this morning of Henry and friend.  Henry looks quite mesmerized.  Melinda had captioned this photograph "Even nature has something to say about the rain situation."  Henry's friend was standing on the rain gauge.

I am not sure what type of lizard it is, but I am glad it is Henry out there with it - rather him than me.  Life on an Australian Farm eh?

I have done crossword puzzles today to keep my brain sharp and have caught up on my mail (both email and snail mail)  I still like to write letters and post them and anticipate the joy of them being received and opened.  I write to a friend in New Zealand - we have been friends for 49 years and have never lost touch. He lives in Wellington and I hear from him often.  The instant nature of email has captured my heart too - I guess I just enjoy words in the written form in any way.

The sun is shining again so I think I shall go and do some watering - noticed that my spinach plants are a bit droopy - it doesn't take long for them to dry out.

So as I press on with my day I wish you love and laughter, safety and peace and I hope the sun shines in your little corner of the world too.

Love and hugs,

"Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet. By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other."

— Dr. Louis J. Camuti 

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