Saturday, November 27, 2010


Good Afternoon on what was a rainy day - it seems to have cleared now and the sun is trying to shine, but it is very much cooler than earlier in the week.

What a week this has been for me -notification that there was a letter on its way to me from my Donor family had me very emotional and unsettled.

The letter arrived yesterday afternoon and I was apprehensive as I opened it but I should not have been.  The envelope contained a short letter addressed to 'Dear Linda" and it didn't say very much but in other ways it told me so many things about the person to whom I owe my life.

The letter was from my Donor's wife and she told me that he was a kind and generous man who loved animals and people and was a joy to be with.
She felt he would be smiling from heaven to know that I am doing so well.

The part of the letter that touched me the most was the part where she told me that she loved him dearly and misses him every day.

Every wonderful milestone for me is a milestone for her on a very different journey and I was thrilled that she had healed enough to be able to write to me.

She included my family in her thoughts and best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas.  -  Yes there were tears for me because I could sense how hard it had been for this lovely lady to write the letter.  I will cherish it always and knowing that my Donor had been a family man who was loved makes it extra special to me.  I am sure there were tears for her as she wrote the letter.

So that's how my week finished up - it is now the weekend and I am making it a quiet one - doing little fiddly things - have finished painting a cane shelf unit and put that in my family room - it has a television on it at a much better height for me to watch (or rather have on) while I work at my desk.

And of course it has books and magazines.  It belonged to my neighbours across the road and was on the footpath with a sign that read "Please take me"  so I did.  In fact my neighbour Ron carried it home for me and I have been painting it.  It is a piece of furniture I have often admired and now it is mine.   I really like cane furniture and it was a challenge to paint it and to be well enough to enjoy doing it.

Have a wonderful weekend - however you spend it - I guess lots of you are getting into Christmas preparations, shopping and decorating and those of you who work during the week will struggle to find some time to relax.

Enjoy it all, be safe and happy and be sure those you love know that you love them.

Love and hugs,

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