Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I  know that we don't have snow at Christmas time in Australia but I love scenes of snow and decided to use this one.  It is only 39 days to Christmas and I am full of the joy of it all - every day I am doing something in preparation for what will be a special time for me.  I was home from hospital for the day last year but was far to ill to really enjoy things and that made it sad for my family and friends.  I remember lying down in the afternoon with Henry and reading a book, but not much else stays in my mind.

I remember the morning after when I knew that I had to go back to hospital very well - putting the last few things in my bag while Naomi and Alexis did dishes, vacuuming, and putting things away while John sorted the fridge etc.  It was very hard for me but I had no choice but to go with the flow and get back to hospital as quickly as I could.

And we all know the end result of that when on the Tuesday following I was advised that a liver was available for transplant and I had surgery on Wednesday 30th. and I daily give thanks for the gift of life.

I am enjoying all the plans for Christmas and we are having such good weather here - it is lovely and cool.  My petunias are in bloom and I now have 7 tomatoes on my bush and I have just done the daily watering.  There are just pots to water and that's enough for me - it is enough to keep me with my hands in the dirt and get back to my roots without giving me too much to work.  Weeding the pots is easy and I like easy.

I am still doing well - although tired today (I was up and in the shower by 4.30 this morning because I was awake and scared I would sleep through my appointment to have my car serviced.  It is back home all healthy and shining and clean - I love it when they wash and vacuum it for me. The staff there are lovely and it is a pleasure doing business with them (CMI Toyota at Cheltenham.)

I had breakfast with the friend who collected me from the Car Dealer and then we spent a lovely quiet morning doing cryptic crossword puzzles until it was time for me to collect my Camry.

This afternoon I did some work on line for another friend and suddenly it is dinner time and there goes another day - a beautiful glad to be alive day living in this beautiful city.  I know I have "baby bedtime" but it is going to happen a little earlier tonight.  I am trying very hard to look after myself and this beautiful liver which is working so well.

I hope your Christmas preparations are in hand and that you are enjoying them - I think of you all so very often and wonder how you are, how your families are hope and pray you are well and enjoying life.

Until next time I send love and hugs,

"There are two important gifts we can give our children. One of these is roots, the other wings."


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Diane said...

Hi Linda I'm happy that you are doing well this Christmas season and able to enjoy all the little every day things that mean so much to us especially as we grow older. I love Christmas scenes as well. Enjoy you day..

Hugs From Me
diane louise