Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The days are going very quickly and soon it will be Christmas Day - I am enjoying all the things about Christmas - but most of all I am enjoying the fact that I am well enough to enjoy them

This time last year I was writing my Christmas cards from my hospital bed and watching nursing staff decorate Christmas Trees and put up other decorations.  I was listening to their stories about shopping and plans for the holiday season.  Those who were working were making plans for patients to have the best time they could.  It was a special time (although at that stage I was really too ill to care very much.)

I remember a very special nurse who went out of her way to bring some Christmas spirit to the wards.  Her name is Di and she wore a necklace with flashing lights, Christmas earrings and several Santa hats.  She kept me going with the fun of it all - Thank you Di - I wore the earrings you made for me today.
This is a lady who keeps her patients in touch with the world - at Easter time she wore bunny ears and made sure I had a hot cross bun.  

All of this on top of their extreme work load - she and all the staff in 5E at Flinders went the extra mile and kept me going.  They shared their families, their pets and their lives with me - photographs and one girl actually brought her baby into see me.  They were special times and I remember you all very well.  I remember the conversations about your children and your weekends (or at least days off.)  You were a special team and I thank you for all you did and I know you are still doing it for other patients. There could not have been a better nursing team in all the world.

It is after three in the morning and sleep is not my companion so here I am blogging.- I like this medium which allows me to keep in touch with everyone in a simple and honest way.

Check out my "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" blog - there are recipes and decorating ideas up there - take a browse and I am sure you will find something interesting, or at least something to keep you amused for a little while.


It is unusually cool here in Adelaide for this time of year - not that I am complaining at all.  The wind yesterday and tonight is quite strong but I have my tomato plant tied up so it should be okay.  My strong Petunias will cope and have lots of bright red flowers - I hope they still do at Christmas time.

I am just having a hot drink and then will climb back into bed to get warm and hopefully catch some more sleep.  If not sleep I shall be resting and warm and reading.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a tired but so very much alive and glad to be so girl here in Adelaide.  Every day I am aware of how close I came and how blessed I am to have received the gift of life.  I am also very aware of my Donor family and how life has changed for them and that this will be their first Christmas without their special man.  My heart goes out to them and I hold them very close.

Goodnight from Adelaide and me (although I should be saying Good Morning because it is after 3.30.a.m.

Be safe and enjoy all that you do - find joy in the little things and remember to be thankful for things.

Love and hugs,

"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."

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