Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello there -  here it is late at night and I really do need to be in bed and catching some sleep.

I have been up since four this morning and have had a busy day - going to take it a little slower tomorrow.

I have been shopping for Christmas things and I called into work and had a lovely chat with our Accounts guy - a truly beautiful man.  He and I have lots of long, deep and meaningful conversations and try to put the world to rights.
He was very faithful in his visits to me when I was in hospital and I cherish those times because I know he is not a hospital person and he will never understand how much I enjoyed the conversations we had.

I am trying to get things ready for Christmas - starting with the bringing in of the big table for our Christmas lunch and of course moving things always means a mess.  It is going to have to stay that way for tonight because I am too tired to even think about putting things straight - and there is another day tomorrow.

So on that happy note I bid you all a fond farewell and I am off to bed.
Enjoy your night/your day - enjoy life itself.

Love and hugs,

Isn't he a gorgeous Santa ?

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