Monday, December 6, 2010


Hi there and welcome to a warm afternoon in Adelaide - some suburbs have had heavy rain this afternoon but not where I am.

The Christmas rush is well and truly on here in Adelaide with people busy shopping and me waiting for a parcel from Sydney and wondering where it is.  I hope it arrives tomorrow because it has lots of Christmas goodies in it and I need to get on and get them wrapped.

Oh how much I love this season of hustle and bustle - of anticipation and excitement, of decorating and putting up trees in my little forest.  I love the lights and music, the rustle of wrapping paper and adding the decorations to my Advent Calendars.

I am off to have my blood tests done tomorrow morning so that they are in at Flinders when I go in for appointment on Friday - seven weeks have gone without any visits - a wonderful experience for me.

I keep pondering just where I was at last year - I know that I was very ill and that the only chance for a recovery was a transplant and wonder of wonders an organ became available and I rejoice in my life.   However I also think of my Donor Family who were to spend their last Christmas together and I think of how difficult this Christmas is going to be for them.

As you approach this festive season may there be a song in your heart and I hope that you too can give thanks for life itself.

Talking to a friend the other day it became clear to me how much my illness had impacted on people other than my family.  She put her feelings into words and expressed so eloquently just what she had felt and still feels.
Thank you Narelle for you love and friendship.

It was Narelle who kept my Indiana Gal up to date with my condition and there were others who were able to keep my Kentucky Angel informed as to how things were going.  I am blessed indeed to have friends all over the globe and I am thankful for you all.

Love and hugs,

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